The Vision

Of Seeking Serenity Abroad is to provide travel opportunities for educators, wanderlust's, and young scholars.

We are committed to supporting educators who aspire to incorporate travel within their career domestic or international.

Whether a new or seasoned traveler we provide resources for immersive cultural travel experiences, that will inspire an inner self discovery, passion, and expertise in travel.

"The moment you have the audacity to start believing in the not - yet seen, your reality will begin to shift. "

~Jen Sincero~

Travel Consultation

Gain first hand knowledge on becoming a travel expert for your own convenience, and receive best travel strategies in the industry to enhance your experiences. 

Personalized Itinerary 

Plan, Seek, Jet! Not interested in spending hours of research in planning? Let us curate your best trip yet! 

Educators Consultation

Are you an educator looking to teach or volunteer domestically or internationally? Ready to stand out amongst competitive agencies and schools? Schedule a consultation coming soon!

Travel Resources

A wanderlust dream come true, explore our resources to enhance your travels, and add to your list of gems.

Our Services

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Tropical Paradise

Travel Consultation

I believe that we are all wanderlusters and lovers of culture and experience. Sometimes we get stuck on “How to book the right flight or accommodation?” “Where to best travel for such an experience?” Or, find yourself researching for hours and depending on friends to come through on a promise for you to experience travel. 

What’s included?

Seek to Travel Like a Pro guide

A 45 minute video or phone consulting session

Welcome Package - Agenda & Notes to your questions, concerns, and challenges

Get excited to become a Travel Pro!

Personalized Itinerary

Whether it’s your first solo adventure, couples vacation, or you're seeking some spice in your life. Our goal is to construct a personalized itinerary for you that includes the most enjoyable restaurants, cultural activities, accommodations, and much more for your ideal trip.


We take into consideration smart financial budgeting while reviewing  your budget plan to ensure planning for your trip doesn't break the bank or overwhelm you. This service is designed to fit your needs. 


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Our travel expertise allows Seeking Serenity Abroad LLC. to best serve the needs of educators and wanderlusts based on personal needs and requirements. Learn to become your own travel expert, learn how you can work abroad, and enjoy customized itineraries to the destination of your choice.

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