Travel Consulting

Ready to seek the world, but don't know how.

Perhaps you're wanting to take your travel to the next level, but need support to get there.


Seeking Serenity Abroad LLC. consulting services aim to provide: win/win results with your travel interest, passion, and challenges. We specialize in solo and group trips, local and cultural community experiences, and budgeting for trips. Our consultation will end with actionable items you can immediately put into practice for your next adventure. We will provide answers and resources to your questions including strategies, hacks, and the confidence to begin traveling the world. Let’s get to the bottom of your travel goals! 

Travel Questions Include:

  • I'm looking to travel more extensively, but don't know where to start. 

  • I want to plan a group trip but need support and strategies to how?

  • I got the hang of travel, but I'm looking for strategies that will make the most of my travels.

  • I want to travel and plan confidently without being overwhelmed in wasted hours of research. 

  • I want to explore a solo or solitude trip but don't know exactly where and how to ensure my safety.

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