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Love Me Abroad

Updated: May 1, 2020

A girl's trip to Paris, France, for New Year turned out to be a lovely experience abroad. A type of experience that is culturally unfamiliar, kind, honest, and pure. My first night in Paris was spent club-hopping with my best friend, family, and new-found friends we met at an Afrobeats party at 21Sound Bar. It was a great night spent walking through the neighborhood and streets of Paris with the energetic vibes of the people. Eventually, the new friends from London and Paris took us to another club called 15 Club. This club, located at Rue de la Roquette street is filled with clubs and bars with all the vibes of the Caribbean and African culture.

When we arrived at 15 Club, I was so eager to continue partying, and enjoying my time in Paris. The music was jumping, and everyone was grooving. At some point in between drinks, dancing, and living my best life with all my family, friends and new friends - I needed some fresh air “you know the part when you're maybe too tipsy, tired and running out of energy” and so I went out to the front lobby of the club to catch my life.

There he was…” Standing 6'1, full lips, athletic physique, and finer than some fine wine. The way he was standing there looking at me it reminded me of the scene in the movies where you lock eyes with one another and all you feel is attraction lol too funny. Something in me felt the need to be bold and flirtatious, “I was bold because I had some liquor courage, and I really asked myself, why not? Have fun Serenity!” is all I thought at the moment. His demeanor was chill and relaxed posted to the wall just staring at me chewing his gum. He gave off a masculine and confident energy that sent signals of "oh he has to be mine."

My energy was giving the I want you look, I thought “he is fine, hmm it’s something about his aura and presence right now. I’ma go over.” Next thing, you know, I approached him; this began a new experience for me in dating. We began talking, and we introduced ourselves, his name is Yaya. I remember three specific questions, Yaya asked, “Are you married? Do you have children? How old are you?” Chilee he wasn't playing games! Lol! I was immediately caught off guard but yet so impressed and instantly intrigued by him.

We exchanged numbers and continued speaking, I did not want to go back into the party because he was just so fine, and I was convinced that this wouldn't be anything further than a fun, flirty night in Paris. I didn't have the idea in my head to meet up with him. My best friend and sister came looking for me in the lobby and dragged me back into the party. At this point, it's 4 AM, and all I wanted to do was sleep, yet head back to the lobby and continue talking to Yaya.

My best friend and I were heading to Bustronome Paris for brunch, and I received a text from Yaya stating he wanted to see me on that day. My best friend was more excited for me and

insisted I agree to meet him and that he brings a friend for her. Without questioning her sanity or reasons, I agreed to it and decided to meet at the Eiffel Tower. Still to this day, my best Paris photos were taken at the Eiffel Tower, “okay here I go getting off track.” Long behold to every travelers' worst fear, my phone died, and I forgot my charger back at the hostel. “Ugh, this is not the right time” There was no way of knowing where and when Yaya and his friend were. I felt very bad because we only had a limited time to hang out.

I explained to Yaya that we had a pre-planned comedy show to attend, and hanging out would have to be rescheduled. Although I wasn’t sure if that would really happen because of our limited time in Paris. To my surprise, he asked if he and his cousin could join us in seeing the show, Oh this is going to be a good night I became more attracted to his character. He called the theater to check for ticket availability and proceeded to call an Uber for us all.

That evening turned out to be so fun! Double Dating in Paris, now that was a vibe! “God bless these 20 somethings. Hopin' my 20 somethings won't end! Sza definitely hit that on the nail.” We spent the night exploring the Paris Christmas Market, Live Jazz Show, eating, laughing, and enjoying the double date experience. The beauty in the time spent with Yaya, my best friend, and his cousin was the exchange and of misunderstood languages. Language is the universal way of connection and bonding “Granted, having some understanding of each other's language could be more beneficial. I suppose.”

To my surprise, he quickly picked up on the English language. “Hmm, actually his english was pretty good... yet the video would say otherwise lol” The conversations amongst us all were informative and fun. We spoke about racial differences of Africans in France vs. life in Africa and America. Google Translator was our very best friend that evening. Yet, Yaya was so adamant for me to just speak my language instead of technology doing all the work. All in all my dating experience abroad is quite the story.

What stands for Yaya and me today? … stay tuned for "Love me Abroad" part two!

What do you predict happens in Part 2 of Love Me Abroad?

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